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MO702 Unit Arches & Unit Triangles Wooden Blocks Kit in Hard Maple

10 Unit Blocks: 4 Triangles + 4 Arches + 2 Half Roman Arches

MO702    $70

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UPC 703034407028

Our RX2 Triangles & Arches Wooden Block Booster Kit 2 includes pieces that address what we feel to be a significant oversight in Community Playthings standard unit block sets: There are only two (2) Unit Block Arches, only two (2) Unit Block Roman Arches, and only two or four (2 to 4) Unit Block Triangles in standard Introductory, Preschool, and Quarter Classroom Sets of Standard Unit Blocks. Really? Can this be true? Sadly it is. We knew we had to do something. Designed to fill in the “missing” and high-demand pieces in a standard unit block classroom or home set.

Safe for ages 6 months and up. Completely free of borates, pesticides, and fungicides commonly added to rubberwood after harvest.

We use only 100% Hard Rock Maple. Manufactured on demand in the United States from Custom Milled Domestic FSC-Certified Hard Rock Maple when your order is received.

Accurately cut to within 1/100 of an inch.

Compare with our Same Shape Sets of Unit Blocks.

This set is included in our larger Unit Block Remedy Sets.

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